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Desexing Procedures

Please note that our desexing prices include intravenous fluids, pain relief and an Elizabethan collar (“bucket”). When comparing prices at other clinics, please check if these items are inclusive or added on. Some clinics will consider these to be optional. At Toowong Family Vet, we consider intravenous fluid to be vital to ensure a safe anaesthesia, and pain relief after a surgery should never be negotiable.

Also note that if we have never seen your pet, or if it has been several months since we have seen your pet, we will require a brief pre-desexing health check prior to booking the surgery. This is to ensure that we are aware of any possible complications on the day and thus allow us to prepare for a safe procedure.



Male dog <10kg - $430

Male dog 10.1 – 25kg - $450

Male dog 25.1 – 30kg - $480

Male dog >30kg - $550


Female dog <10kg - $530

Female dog 10.1 – 25kg - $550

Female dog 25.1 – 30kg - $580

Female dog  >30kg - $620


*Note that there is a $100 surcharge for mature and overweight dogs, or female dogs that are found to be pregnant at the time of desexing. This is due to increased surgery time and increased requirement for anaesthetic and analgesic drugs. If considered applicable to your pet, it will be discussed at the pre-desexing health check.


Male cat - $230


Female cat - $350

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