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Cat Boarding

Toowong Family Vet has a luxury air-conditioned cat boarding facility for nine cats. All cats are looked after by our veterinarians and vet nurses.

All boarders sleep in individual spacious and comfortable suites. During the day, each cat gets playtime in the secure staff area in the clinic, where they are cuddled and adored throughout the day. They have plenty of room to play and exercise, or simply choose a variety of different sleeping locations (which is what most cats opt to do).

All boarding cats must be vaccinated, and proof of vaccination is required prior to boarding.

If your cat is unable to be vaccinated due to a medical condition, please call us at the clinic as we may be able to board your cat in a separate section of the facility.


Fees are inclusive of food (Royal Canin or Hills), litter and bedding. We do not charge extra for administration of medication, unless your cat is a diabetic requiring insulin (see pricing below). We do accommodate for cats on specific diets.

As our cat boarders are accommodated at a veterinary facility, Toowong Family Vet is a good option for boarding elderly cats or those with medical conditions. All our boarders are looked after by vets and vet nurses.

Pricing is as follows:

Nightly rate for the first two weeks - $36
Nightly rate Week 3 - $33
Nightly rate Week 4 and over - $30
Nightly rate for diabetic cats - $40 (note: insulin readings are collected regularly throughout the stay to ensure safety of insulin administration)


For families with two cats, the second cat boards at a discount of 15% off the above rates.

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