Cat Boarding

Last minute decision to spend the weekend at the coast? Extended holiday and nervous about leaving your elderly cat at a standard cattery?

At Toowong Family Vet, we offer inner city cat boarding in our comfortable and roomy cat boarding suites. With a designated accommodation area, each boarded cat gets activity time each day in our play area, as well as loads of kisses and cuddles.
Unless otherwise advised, all boarded cats are fed Hills pet food, which is premium quality veterinary standard nutrition.
As we are a veterinary clinic, any cats requiring treatment or monitoring for specific conditions will receive the best of care, leaving you with peace of mind.
With our inner city location, our boarding suites remove the need to travel to the outer suburbs to find cat accommodation.
We donate a percentage of your cat's boarding fee to our Wildcare fund, to provide food and medicines for local injured wildlife. There is no government funding for wildlife carers in Queensland, so wildlife carers and vets must source supplies independently. Hence, we aim to help our wildlife community. Every night your cat holidays with us, you know that you are helping the native wildlife of our local area.

*Please note that the clinic is closed on Sundays to the public. While we are here looking after the kitty cat holiday stayers, we do not arrange for drop-off or pick-ups on Sundays. Public holidays are also included in this. We ask that any cat be dropped off the day before, and picked up the day following the public holiday. 

A few reasons to stay with Toowong Family Vet for your cat's vacation:
Check out our friends at Wildcare Australia!  //  Proudly sponsored by Royal Canin