Vet Services

Our services include:


Dog Vaccinations

3-Yearly Vaccinations for Core Diseases

In keeping with the latest research and accredited veterinary guidelines, at Toowong Family Vet we give dogs a three-year vaccine for the most serious major dog diseases (Canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, parvo virus). These diseases are life-threatening and must be kept out of our communities with adequate vaccination programs. We can protect your dog against these diseases with a vaccination given once every three years.
Please note that vaccinations for Canine cough, must still be given annually. Please read on:

Canine Cough Vaccinations

At Toowong Family Vet, we vaccinate dogs against Canine cough (which is essentially a “doggy cold”), using an intranasal vaccine given once a year. Basically we spray 0.4ml of the vaccine up your dog’s nostril and within 3 days your dog will develop an adequate antibody response to that vaccine. 
Therefore, your dog’s full vaccination protocol would require an injection once every 3 years, and a spray up the nostril each year.  At every vaccination appointment we always do a full physical exam and deal with any other issues your dog is experiencing.

Cat Vaccinations

We recommend that cats in contact with other cats, those who go outdoors and those placed in cat boarding, be vaccinated annually with the feline core vaccine (covering calicivirus, herpesvirus and panleucopaenia). This is known as the annual F3 vaccine.
For those cats who spend time outdoors, and particularly those who might rumble with the other cats in the hood, we also recommend vaccinating your cat against Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

Dog Dentistry/Cat Dentistry

Regular dental checks are vital for your pet. Without adequate dental care, your pet can develop severe periodontal disease, which can potentially contribute to kidney and heart problems.
At Toowong Family Vet, we like to educate our clients about their pets’ oral health needs. We offer advice on what to do to prevent dental disease, and we perform full dental work where required. All patients who have a dental at Toowong Family Vet will be discharged with all the information necessary in order to help delay the recurrence of dental problems. We also offer free dental consultations, and free post-dental checks.