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Pet First Aid Course - September 14th, 2017
28 August, 2017

Toowong Family Vet's Pet First Aid Course IS BACK!

Do you know what to do in an emergency situation with your pet? More importantly, do you know how to determine what classifies as an emergency?

The ability to assess a situation for what it is, in addition to having the skills and knowledge to implement on-the-spot care for you pet - should you need to - can make all the difference. Not only with immediate life-saving intervention, but also with long-term prognosis.

Be a supawhero. Learn the skills. Gain the knowledge. Who knows, maybe even save a life...



- Checking your pet's vital signs
Transporting an injured pet
Heat Stroke
Hit by car
- Bleeding
- Broken bones
Bloat (GDV)
Toad toxicity
Snake bites
Identifying toxic plants in your garden


SEPTEMBER 14th, 2017
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Held at: Toowong Bowls Club
59 Gailey Road
Taringa, QLD, 4068
Cost: $49.00 - single person OR $85.00 - two people
Payment* required to secure place


- CALL US ON (07) 3613 9644 or EMAIL for any further information

*Payment is non-refundable


1 February, 2017

Dental Disease is not age-biased. All animals, old and young, are affected.

·      Bad breath (halitosis)

·      Red, inflamed gums (gingivitis)

·      Loose/wobbly teeth (irreversible periodontal disease)

·      Discolouration and build up (calculus)

·      Lip smacking and/or excessive licking

·      Mouth-shyness (not chewing on favourite toys/treats,  preference of soft food over biscuits, reluctance to let you touch their mouth)

These are all signs of a sore, unhappy, unhealthy mouth - leading to an unhappy and unhealthy animal.


·      $50.00 OFF

·      PROZYM DENTAL KIT (dogs) or 





·      ONE MONTH POST-OP REVISIT to go over maintenance and ongoing at-home care

AND 20% off ALL DENTAL PRODUCTS for the month of February

*** PLUS! The FIRST FIVE DENTAL BOOKINGS will receive a FREE bag of Royal Canin Dental S/O Biscuits! ***


INTERVENTION vs A LITTLE MORE ATTENTION: Where does your pet sit on the oral health-o-meter?

Not all pets need a dental scale and prophylaxis carried out. Some just need a little more time at home with dental cleaning, more dental chews or a dental additive like Hexarinse to help their little mouths out. Unsure what your pet needs? Call to make a FREE dental consultation* and find out what you can do to help your pet!

Ph: (07) 3613 9644

* By appointment only / Bookings essential / Places are limited / This off is 100% Norman approved (only if it includes something edible)

12 December, 2016

We are in the middle of tick season, and keeping up to date with tick preventative care - like Bravecto - is essential for keeping your pet as safe as possible from deadly paralysis ticks.

Bravecto, until December 16th 2016, are offering $10.00 off all sized Bravecto if you help them gather important feedback and data by filling out a survey here at the clinic. The process takes five to ten minutes to complete but means that we can give you $10.00 off your Bravecto purchase - Right there. Right then.

There are, however, a few criteria that you and your pet will need to meet in order to receive the discount. There are as follows:

1)  Must have purchased and used Bravecto at least ONCE, and be a current client  (ie purchased Bravecto from us prior to now)
2)  Must be a single dog household OR if a multi-dog household, dogs must be in different weight ranges (listed below). Survey/discount can be for one dog only
     (Weight ranges are: up to 4.5kg/4.6-10kg/10.1kg-20kg/20.1kg-40kg/40.1kg-56kg)
3)  Willling to spend 5-10 minutes filling out the survey as accurately and concisely as possible

So - if you feel that you and your pooch meet the requirements to fill out the survey, come in this week and have the satisfaction of not only being able providing important feedback but also getting a cushy $10.00 saving - just in time for Christmas!

If you would like to know anything further, please feel free to contact us here at Toowong Family Vet on (07) 3613 9644! 

30 October, 2016



Once again, the time has come for Santa Paws to jump in his sleigh and bestow hearty hugs and tasty treats upon all the furry family members across the globe. Luckily for us, Santa Paws has cleared his schedule for a WHOLE day so that he can pay special attention to the Toowong Family Vet pets!

Sunday November 20th marks the special day your pet can come along and get a pet pawtrait with Santa Paws himself at Toowong Family Vet! TFV will once again open the doors on Sunday (for Santa Paws Pawtraits only) so that we can focus purely on Santa and his pet pals, and so that the clinic can operate as usual on the Saturday for those animals requiring veterinary attention. So, why not come on down to see Santa Paws - the big guy himself has requested the attendance of all animals - big and small - to join in the Christmeows Celebrations!

Santa Paws Pet Pawtraits are being held at the clinic on November 20th, 2016 between 9:00am and 2:30pm.
Due to the increased interest and attendance as each year comes around, this year, all Santa Paws Pawtraits will require a booking. We have extended our sitting schedule to accommodate all bookings, but will unfortunately be unable to see walk-in pets. If all attendees are able to arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking, we will get your details, discuss package options and process payment. There will be some light refreshments for you, and yummy treats for our poochy and pussycat pals.


COST: $30.00 per sitting (multiple pets are welcome! Allow $5.00 extra per pet - must be from same family) 
BEST photo in Christmas Themed Photo Frame
Two extra photos printed
Postage (should you require it)


COST: $45.00 per sitting (multiple pets are welcome! Allow $5 extra per pet - must be from same family)
TWO BEST photos in Christmas Themed Photo Frames
Two extra photos printed
All images (that means ANY and ALL photos taken - well ones that look good anyway!) burned to disc at full-resolution for printing as you so choose!
Postage (should you require it)


*Allow 3-4 weeks for editing, assembly and/or postage (all photos will be ready by December 24th, 2015)
*All Santa Paws Pet Pawtraits will be uploaded to our Website, Facebook and/or Instagram for future viewing!
*Your pet may feature in next years Santa Paws Promo (as have the previous three years' guests!)
*Allow approximately 10 minutes per Santa Paws Sitting (depending on number of pets per family) to ensure we get the best photos possible of your pets
*ALL dogs MUST be on leads, and ALL cats MUST be in carriers (or secure). Any pocket pets are advised to be in a cage/carrier also. (Cats and pocket pets having photos will have the area to themselves, with minimal animals around so as to not be scared/anxious/in harm's way). We will not put the safety of any of our pet attendees at risk. All that we ask of you is to adhere to these simple rules
*Clinic is not open for ANY veterinary services, sale of medications, food or parasite control/over the counter sales. Some selected treats, pet christmas hampers and merchandise will be available for sale.
*Our Vets - if in attendance - are not available for consultation/medical advice. Sunday's are some of our staff's only day off, and will be in attendance as support for all of our Santa Paws staff and guests.
*Please call or email the clinic to arrange a sitting time with Santa
*If able, at time of booking, let us know which Package Option you would like - this will help us best manage bookings and accommodate as many pets as possible.

The more the merrier we all say, and we hope to see each and every one of you there! Each year gets busier and busier, but it also gets more and more fun! We will continue taking Pet Pawtraits until the very last pet has had their turn. If you'd like to know more, or have any questions, just phone the clinic on (07) 3613 9644.

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AUGUST IS DENTAL MONTH - Savings to make your pet AND you smile!
2 August, 2016

August is Dental Month! Each year, veterinary clinic across the country do their best to promote dental health and preventative care and/or management for our furry companions!

85% of dogs and 70% of cats suffer from dental problems. Those numbers are staggering. Even more staggering is that many of our pets' dental issues often go unnoticed and therefore untreated. Dental health is directly linked to cardiac and renal health and as such, being proactive with your pets oral health can greatly impact their overall health in a very positive way!

To help get as many of our furry friends' chompers back to their best, we are offering $50.00 OFF ALL DENTAL PROCEDURES carried out in the month of August, 2016*.

The FIRST FIVE BOOKINGS will each receive a FREE 1.5kg bag of Royal Canin Dental s/o thanks to our lovely Rep, Katie from Royal Canin. Not ony that, but each of those five pets will ALSO receive a special Dental Loyalty Program Card to save even more!

Toowong Family Vet will ALSO be offering a massive 20% OFF ALL DENTAL PRODUCTS for the month of August. This includes:

  • ALL dental food
  • Prozym dental chews
  • Prozym Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes
  • Prozym Oral Solution
  • Hexarinse and
  • Greenies for Cats


At Toowong Family Vet, we offer FREE DENTAL CHECKS - all year round. So if you're unsure whether or not your pet needs a dental, CALL US. Not sure if your pet needs a check up? Have a read of our Blog: "Why Does My Dog or Cat Have Bad Breath?"

Some pets just need a bit more TLC when it comes to at home preventative care/management, others needs a dental procedure to give them a fresh start. Make an appointment and see if there's anything that we can do to help you to help your pet.

Want to book your pet in but prefer to pay in instalments?
While we unfortunately cannot offer any payment plans/accounts, we encourage pet owners to contact Vetpay - a veterinary treatment finance company. Should you be eligible, you can organise a pre-approval through Vetpay and know what you are covered for when it comes to your pet's expenses. Take advantage of our FREE Dental Checks to get an estimate on dental costs and then chat to the wonderful people at Vetpay about what they can do for you. (We have dealt with Vetpay many times over the years, and know firsthand how helpful, patient and wonderful they are to deal with.)

*Bookings are essential / Places are limited / Appointments are required for free dental checks / Offer expires at midnight (00:00hr) 31st August 2016 / Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer / Offer open to existing and new clients/patients / Payment is required at time of pick up/discharge of your pet